The 901 Voltage-Controlled Oscillator is a wide-range generator of repetitive waveforms, the frequency of which is controlled by the sum of applied control voltages. The relationship between the control voltage change and the frequency change is accurately exponential over a wide range. The total frequency span of the oscillator is 0,1 to 15.000 Hz in six overlapping ranges. Four waveform outputs are available: sawtooth, triangular, sine and pulse. The width of the pulse waveform is continuously variable, by means of a front panel potentiometer, from complete symmetry (square wave) to 8.1 asymmetry. One fixed and one variable output are available for each waveform. 



Number of control inputs : 2 

Number of PWM imput : 1 

Impedance of control inputs : 100KΏ 

Level of the fixed level outputs : 0,5 V RMS (-4 dB) 

Impedance of the variable level outputs 1500Ώ max 

Impedance of the mix output : 600Ώ 

Range of levels of the variable level outputs : 0 – 0,5 V 

Waveform : Sawtooth, Triangular, Sine, Pulse 


Power supply requirements : +12V@65mA / -12V@65mA 


This module is based (except the mix output add) exclusively on the original last design revision from 1972