The 962 Sequential Switch selects between two or three signal inputs, coupling one signal to the output jack at a time. A V-trigger pulse introduced to the Shift Input initiates the sequence.The sequential switch will alternate between stages one and two, disregarding stage three until a standard phone plug is patched into Signal Input Three. A connection to input three will cause the Sequential switch to alternate between the three stages, in ordered, when triggered. Separate V-trigger input and ouptut jacks are provided for each of the three stages, as well as buttons for manual switching.



A sequential switch is normally used in connection with a 960 sequential controller to alternate between the three concurrent outputs of the controller, thereby gaining up to 24 different steps in order.

Audio signals may be processed through the sequential switch as well as control voltages.



All V-Triggers for entire module require (input) or generate (output) a 3V pulse.


Power supply requirements : +12V@55mA / -12V@10mA