The CP3 Mixer has three varied functions. The primary circuit is a 4 x 1 mixer with positive and negative outputs and a maximum gain of two. This mixer can combine both AC and/or DC voltages.

The second series of functions are four signal routing switches which connect the incoming control voltages from keyboard, ribbon controller or other controller units to the frequency control input of associated oscillator drivers found directly above the switching panel in modular system. The fourth input switch ah both an external input jack and attenuator. This input jack is connected to the oscillator Driver when the associated switch is on and the attenuator set above zero. At « 10 » the attenuator function is nill, and a signal introduced here will be equal to one wich is introduced directly into the frequency control inputs found on the Oscillator Driver itself.

The third element found on the CP3 is a multiple (signal splitting – one input becomes three).



The four channel mixer is useful for combining several signals to form a single output. Audio signals from up to four different sources can be varied in relative volume before processing the mix through filters or amplifiers for a final result. Control voltages can be mixed, attenuated and phase inverted before being introduced into a voltage controlled module. In addition, the CP3 mixer can be used for phase cancellation of complex sounds, (if 2 or more signals with similar frequency content are combined at opposite phase relationships).

The switching panel on the CP3 deletes the necessity of manually patching controllers in to the Oscillator driver above the unit.



Input impedance : 25KΩ

Output Impedance : 600Ω

Gain : X2 maximum

Signal to Noise ratios : ˃ 60dB

Outputs : positive and negative outputs available


Power supply requirements : +12V@25mA / -12V@25mA