The 984 Four Channel Matrix Mixer is an AC coupled 4 input, 4 output matrix with bass and treble tone controls for each output channel. Each input has a separate attenuator for each of the four output channels. Thus, a matrix of 16 input attenuators provides maximum channel separation, or variable combinations of volume balance. Tone controls for each of the output channels can attenuate or emphasize bass or treble signals. Flat signal response is achieved with the control settings kept at “5” on the potentiometers. These are 2-pole active tone controls.



The 984 Mixer serves as a final audio summing device for up to four different inputs. Outputs can feed any line level monitor or recording system. Optimum impedance match is 10kΩ or less.

The multiple inputs and outputs of this module serve as good mixing point for external sound processors which will modify or add echo to the synthesizer signal before entering the recording or monitoring system

Tone controls are useful for adding brightness, deleting « buzzy »  quality of sounds, boosting or reducing bass emphasis on the final outputs from the synthesizer. If no tone modification is desired, tone controls should be left at « 5 ».




Input impedance : 25KΩ

Output Impedance : 5KΩ

Signal Gain : unity

Signal to Noise : ˃ 65dB


Power supply requirements : +12V@60mA / -12V@60mA