The 921A Oscillator Driver is a control voltage processor which runs associated 921B oscillators through internally wired connections. Two voltages are generated : one for frequency control, and one for rectangular wave duty cycle control . Control inputs to this module change the frequency of its associated oscillators in V/octave increments. Manual settings of the frequency and width of rectangular wave pots changes the nominal frequency and duty cycle of the connected 921B’s in parallel. Two ranges are provided on the frequency potentiometer : semitone (two octaves compass) and octave (12 octaves compass). These ranges are selected by the white rocker switch below the pot. Control inputs for frequency and rectangular width are summing. 

One controller may control up to 12 Oscillators. 



Frequency Control Inputs : 3 

Frequency Input impedance : 100K  Ohms 

Input Matching : better than 0,1 % 

Rectangular width control inputs : 2 

Rectangular Input impedance : 100K Ohms 


Power supply requirements : +12V@10mA / -12V@10mA