The 911A Dual Trigger Delay is designed to be used with 2 or more 911 Envelope Generators. It provides one or two time delays on an input trigger voltage – bound for the activation of an envelope trigger. Delay stops immediately upon termination of input trigger. Three different modes of operation are available via coupling mode switch:

OFF : Delays are activated independently through individual trigger inputs
PARALLEL : Trigger input to top 911A activates timing circuit on both simultaneously.
SERIES : Trigger input on top 911A activates top timing circuit, then triggers second upon activation of first.



Delay periods : 2ms to 10 Sec


Power supply requirements : +12V@15mA / -12V@10mA 




Standard synthesizer envelopes provide anywhere from two to four DC voltage settings over a triggering period. In practice, acoustically generated sounds have many variations of amplitude or filtration within a given articulation or generation. The use of a 911A to couple envelopes together creates a much more complex series of voltage variations for the synthesist to use for the articulation of each sound.