The C3PO Mixer is a 4 x 1 mixer with positive and negative outputs and a maximum gain of two. This mixer can combine both AC and/or DC voltages. This module is similar to CP3



The four channel mixer is useful for combining several signals to form a single output. Audio signals from up to four different sources can be varied in relative volume before processing the mix through filters or amplifiers for a final result. Control voltages can be mixed, attenuated and phase inverted before being introduced into a voltage controlled module. In addition, the CP3 mixer can be used for phase cancellation of complex sounds, (if 2 or more signals with similar frequency content are combined at opposite phase relationships).


Input impedance : 25KΩ

Output Impedance : 600Ω

Gain : X2 maximum

Signal to Noise ratios : ˃ 60dB

Outputs : positive and negative outputs available


Power supply requirements : +12V@25mA / -12V@25mA