Four independent circuits are found on the 961 Interface : One Audio-In to V-trigger Out circuit, one S-trigger In to V-trigger Out circuit, and two multi V-triggers In « combined » to V-trigger Out circuits. All interface circuits may be used simultaneously, in combination or separately.

Colums A of the trig Inputs will convert V-trigger signals to V-triggers with duration equal to the input. Column B determines V-trigger duration by the Switch-on-Time knob only. A minimun switch-on-time of 40msec and maximum time of 4 sec duration is available. (when adjacent triggers are combined using 961 interface, it results in one long trigger instead of distinct triggers.)





Audio to V-trig section Impedance : 50kΩ

All V-Triggers for entire module require (input) or generate (output) a 3V pulse.


Power supply requirements : +12V@15mA / -12V@10mA